Neer was founded in 2014 by Brandon Neer, Jonathan Bloom, and Michael Molina with the intention of creating a way to interact on a local level with businesses and people in an open, peer reviewed ecosystem. The interface was designed to be snappy, responsive, and easy to use. At the time, Craigslist was virtually the only way to do this outside of the yellow pages or other simple directory services.

Its intentions were pure and the team was in place to make it happen. It had an innovate, map centric mobile interface that was designed to make local interaction easy and intuitive. Sadly it never was able to gather the resources necessary to get an app to market. Launching an app takes resources that we simply did not have. While we thought that our user interface was better and we had a better business model, we watched as companies like nextdoor.com did round after round of 8 and 9 figure capital raises.

All this is to say, the business model is as relevant now as it was 7 years ago and nobody dominates the local search market despite somebody apparently thinking nextdoor.com is worth $4.3 Billion.

We would still like to make it happen and we would take significant dilution for the right partner with enough resources to make Neer become what it was always meant to be. We own neer.com and has an intent to use trademark application in process on the term "neer". We still have viable mobile software in place that could be deployed with minimal effort.

Are you a funded VC or SPAC looking for a business to acquire or invest in? If you would like to talk, we would like to listen. please reach out via info@neer.com or to my linkedin profile

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